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The above was held at Cambridge Snooker Centre 7.30pm and was attended by The Chairman, Record Secretary, General Secretary, Vice Chairman, the Delegate for Bottisham, the Delegate for Sawston and a player. Apologies were received from Andy Plumb, Russell Huxter and Matt Auker.
In the absence of the Treasurer the General Secretary advised all that during the period 12/06/18 to 20/08/18 we had income of £879.50 and expenditure of £2383.46 leaving our bank balances at £1568.37. Debtors stand at £131.50.
The General Secretary has now revamped the Cup entry forms, one for Billiards and one for Snooker which will be distributed during the next few days with a return date of Friday 30th November 2018. He also reported that a 6 man Cambridge Billiards Team had won the Norfolk County Challenge Cup beating 6 other teams, a good performance in a competition which has been dominated by Norfolk and Lincs over the years. We had no success in the Eastern Counties Billiards League.
The Record Secretary advised that we have had an entry of 27 snooker teams and his proposal for 3 Divisions of 9 teams in each was seconded by Bob Burling and carried unanimously. The season will start Thursday/Friday 11/12th October and recess for the Xmas break on December 7th, it will restart 3rd/4th January and end on the 22nd March, but may change depending on Cup Entries and weeks allowed for competitions. He also advised that if any Cup match is not completed on or before the scheduled date it may be necessary to disqualify both players. Finals night is scheduled to be on the 12th April. Fixtures will be put on our web-site as soon as possible and an events schedule will be published.
As the entries for Billiards were uncertain as was the playing format it could not be structured or agreed, the Chairman therefore extended the meeting to another date to allow time for entries. A playing format proposed by Bottisham was also left in abeyance for this meeting.
In AOB Bob Burling brought up the new Data Protection Act and how it may affect the way we operate, this will be brought up with our web-site operator and what he has done about it.
Meeting Closed 9.30pm
Next Meeting Monday 26th November 2018
Bert Charge Memorial Billiards Sunday 7th October
Peter L Johnson
Hon. General Secretary
The AGM took place on Monday 11th June 2018 8.0pm at Cambridge Snooker Centre and was attended by The Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, 9 Delegates and 1 non-voting member. Apologies were received from Tony Carr, Martin Langford, Dan Locke, Andy Green, Ron Agnew and Ted Newton. Four clubs failed to attend and were fined in accordance with our rules and will be advised accordingly.
Minutes of the 2017 AGM had been circulated and were accepted as a true record the only matter arising was the poor attendance at Delegate Meetings and all were asked to make an effort to attend in the future.
The General Secretary advised all as to what was happening to complete the season and is as follows:-
1) Wednesday 13th June NCI Cup Final at NCI 7.45pm Newnham v Sawston3.
2) Monday 18th June Tony French Billiards Final 7.45pm at Cheveley Road Club Eva Palmius v Peter Macadam.
3) Tuesday 19th June Murratti Cup Semi Finals and Final 7.0pm at Cambridge Snooker Centre. Open Draw between Jimmy Chambers, Eva Palmius, Finley Laing and Greg English.
4) Friday 29th June 7.45pm at Cambridge Snooker Centre Captain Taylor Final Finley Laing v Steve Martin. Tony Mitchell Final Jamie Sanderson v Matt Burton. The Cup and Trophy presentations for all competitions will be presented after completion of these Finals.
The General Secretary reported on the retirement of Tony French and his involvement in our League since 1979 and wished him well in his retirement. Thanks were given to Cherry Automatics for their continued support, Curry’s for supplying our Trophies and Marion Burling for producing our Handbook who has agreed to continue this season. He also highlighted the problems caused by postponement of matches and hopefully this could be stopped if the new rule is passed. Billiards saw some changes and it was hoped we can learn going forward to make a fairer and more attractive League. The County still supports several events both at Snooker and Billiards and we usually give a good account of ourselves. Any club who may benefit from coaching should contact any League Officer. He thanked all for playing and their continued support in what has been a difficult season.
The Treasurer distributed Profit and Loss Accounts showing Bank Accounts Standing at £3072.33 and Debtors at £209.50 which he is actively pursuing. Following a loss last year this year we should break even after we have paid for the Trophies, this is a good result and down to the measures introduced last year. He did not propose any increase in fees but suggested that any individual who has not paid for his entries this season should not be allowed to enter next season until they are paid. It was also apparent that a policy of no pay no play would make his life easier by not having to chase debtors and keep them off the P & L Accounts.
In the absence of the Record Secretary the General Secretary delivered his report and apologies for not attending due to a problem with his back. He endorsed the General Secretaries report that postponed matches were a major problem and asked that the Records Secretary be kept informed at all times. The continued success of sending result cards by picture on phone as well as the use of WhatsApp has proved very much to be the way forward and ask all to encourage its use. Next seasons League entry forms will have to be emailed and all present confirmed they are on email. Finally Tony apologised for the errors he had made last season and not setting dates for finals. In light of what has happened he offered his resignation and if the delegates thought it would be an appropriate course of action he would accept their decision. Following a discussion the delegates unanimously expressed that they would like him to stay as Records Secretary but felt that if he had problems in the future should ask for help sooner rather than later and as they pay for the website expect it to be maintained within a reasonable time span. Other than the last couple of months they all agreed Tony had done a good job.
A proposal by Mick White and seconded by Bob Burling for the General Secretary to have an increase of £100 was carried unanimously, the Honoraria were therefore agreed as follows: - Record Secretary £600, General Secretary£600, and Treasurer £300.
All present agreed that there was no need to have a President, Bob Burling proposed Mick White as Chairman it was seconded by Karle Bursford and carried unanimously. Mick White proposed Bob Burling as Vice Chairman it was seconded by John Benson and Carried unanimously. The General Secretary, Record Secretary and Treasurer remain in office; there were no volunteers for the vacant positions of Press Officer and Competitions Secretary. Mick White proposed Bob Burling as an Auditor it was seconded by John Benson, Roger Edwards proposed Russell Huxter as the other Auditor it was seconded by Bob Burling and both were carried unanimously. Peter Johnson proposed Tony French as a Hon. Life Member it was seconded by Bob Burling and carried unanimously.
The Snooker rule Number 10 proposed by Peter Johnson and seconded by Bob Burling was subject to an amendment by John Benson for matches to be played within 21 days was seconded by Colin Denny, the amendment received 3 votes, the proposal was carried by a majority.
In AOB Bob Burling brought up The New Data Protection Act and how it may affect us it was felt more research was required and must be discussed at our next meeting. Colin Denny was concerned about the size of our divisions at Snooker which has led to a short season and should we be considering 2 divisions, he gave a proposal to Mick White for inclusion at our next meeting when entries are known and we discuss the structure of our League.
Meeting Closed 9.35pm
First Quarterly Meeting Monday 20th August 2018 7.30pm at Cambridge SC.
2018 Bert Charge Memorial Billiards Trophy Sunday 7th Oct 2018 at Cambridge SC
Next AGM Monday 10th June 2019
Peter L Johnson
Hon. General Secretary.
The above was held at Cambridge Snooker Centre at 7.30pm it was attended by Mick White(Vice-Chairman/Delegate Whittlesford) Tony Carr (Record Secretary/Delegate Cambridge Snooker Centre) Andy Plumb (Treasurer/Delegate Newnham) Peter Johnson (General Secretary) and Dan Locke (Competitions Assistant), apologies were received from John Benson (Delegate Bottisham) and Colin Denny (Delegate Sawston).
The Treasurer advised that we had during the period 28/11/17 to 19/02/18 income of £257.50 expenditure of £34.80 leaving our bank balances at £1856.54. Debtors stand at £1375.50 which includes this year’s sponsorship.
The General Secretary had little to report other than the Saffron Walden Snooker Challenge is scheduled to take place on the 22nd April 2018 at Cambridge SC. He also asked if thought could be given to replacements for The President and Chairman due to Tony French’s retirement.
The Record Secretary reported on Division 1 Billiards which saw for the first time for many years a handicapped situation, it proved to be very successful as only 765 points separated the first and last teams which equates to 12.75 points per player per match, which compared to Division 2 who had elected to play from scratch showed a difference of 4499 points between first and last teams which is the equivalent of 75 points per player per match, unfortunately the inequality of the 2 systems is very apparent. All who played in Division 1 appear to have enjoyed it and liked the open draw. All Billiards teams have entered the Ranji which starts on Tuesday 20th Feb 2018, the Muratti and Tony French so far have attracted entries of 12 in each. The Snooker Individual Cup competitions are all on schedule. Throughout the Snooker Divisions there are a number of matches outstanding but Division 1 is by far the biggest offender which if not played could have a big impact on the championship and relegation situation, we do not have to name the teams as they all know who they are so please give this top priority and get them played, Tony will be contacting them individually as well. Since our last meeting NCI 2 have withdrawn from Division 3 and all frames have been deducted.
A number of Billiards issues were discussed but due to the poor turnout of delegates will have to remain inconclusive to await a further meeting.
Meeting Closed at 9.10 pm
Next Meeting Monday 11th Tune 2018 (ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING)
Peter L Johnson
Hon General Secretary
The above was held at Cambridge Snooker Centre at 7.30pm it was attended by Mick White (Vice Chairman/Delegate of Whittlesford) Tony Carr (Record Secretary/Delegate Cambridge Snooker Centre) Andy Plumb (Treasurer/Delegate of Newnham) Peter Johnson (General Secretary) Bob Burling (Delegate for Arrington) John Benson (Delegate for Bottisham) and Dan Locke (Competitions Assistant), apologies were received from Sawston.
The Treasurer reported that we had income of £487.50 for the period and expenditure of £666.60 leaving our bank balances at £1633.84. Debtors stood at £1277.00 which is for outstanding League entries and sponsorship. The Accounts were audited by Mick White and Dan Locke.
The General Secretary advised that Tony French had retired as Chairman with immediate effect and would resign his Presidency at the end of the current year and would no longer be available as a player. Tony’s involvement in our League has been since 1979 and over this period was undertaken numerous roles, we wish him well in his retirement. The G.S. also reported on the Bert Charge which took place on the 1st October 2017, the County Cup into which we entered 2 Billiards Teams and The Norfolk Challenge Trophy into which we entered 1 Billiards Team. John Benson enquired why changes were made to Division 1 Billiards Playing format at such short notice when a format had already been agreed; he was comfortable as were all present to the reasoning and explanation which has enabled the League to continue without any loss of teams which was the primary objective. Handbooks were distributed to all present those who have not yet received them can collect them from Cambridge SC.
The Record Secretary reported that despite several blips League matches at both Snooker and Billiards were on schedule, due mainly to the success of WhatsApp in creating ease of communication between captains and clubs.
Meeting closed 8.30 pm
Next Meeting Monday 19th February 2018 7.30pm @ Cambridge SC.
Peter L Johnson
Hon General Secretary
The above was held at Cambridge Snooker Centre at 7.30pm it was attended by The Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Record Secretary the Delegates from Arrington, Bottisham, Cheveley Road WMC and 1 player. Apologies were received from Dan Locke and Andy Plumb.
In the absence of the Treasurer the Record Secretary reported that in this first period up to the 21/8/17 we had income of £945-00, expenditure of £1400-00 leaving our bank balances at £1812.94. Debtors stood at £46-00. Last year’s Accounts have been audited by Dan Locke and will be completed by Mick White ASAP.
This coming season we have had 30 Snooker teams enter which is 2 down on last season and will be divided into 3 divisions of 10 in each, promotion and relegation as per our rules. The season will start on the 6th October and cease for the Xmas break on the 1st December it will start again on the 5th January and end on the 6th April. These dates do include breaks for Cup Competition weeks. This proposal by the Record Secretary was agreed unanimously.
No decisions were made in respect of Billiards as team entries are still in limbo, but should be completed in the near future.
An invitation to enter a team into The Norfolk Challenge Billiards Trophy had been received and all agreed it should be accepted, players to represent us will be contacted.
We do hope that the turnout for future meetings will increase as it could be crucial should any important issues need to be voted on.
Meeting Closed 8.15
Peter L. Johnson
Hon. General Secretary
Bert Charge Memorial Billiards Trophy
Sponsored by Cherry Automatics
The above took place on the 1st October 2017 at Cambridge Snooker Centre and attracted 20 players from across East Anglia the same amount as last year. Last year’s runner-up Finlay Laing from Cambridge was this year’s winner and the runner-up was the plate winner of the last 2 years Ray Wood from Essex. Dave Nichols from Norwich won the Plate from a resurgent Keith Lloyd of Cambridge who showed some of his old form.
The standard of play was very good Dave Nichols had the best break with 102 he also had 2 of 85 and an 81, Finlay recorded on 84, eight further breaks over 50 were recorded and another 18 over 30.
Being a handicapped event several matches were decided by some very small margins maybe those on the receiving end can reverse it next year.
Finlay nominated Ward C2 at Addenbrookes Hospital as his Charity as they gave great care to a close friend of his, we will send a donation to them.
It was noticeable that the event was played in good spirit and friendship as always and thanks must be given to our Sponsors, Cambridge Snooker Centre and not to forget Judith Lloyd who aided the TD in helping it to keep running smoothly.
Thank you all for taking part and look forward to seeing you again on the first Sunday in October 2018.
Peter L Johnson
Hon. General Secretary