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Premier Division results:
Pockets SC A 3 (W.Dobson, G.Smith, R.Pepperall) Hotshots SC 2 (B.Sembi, D.Konior 68)
Townsend Social 5 (P.Thompson, K.Ashmore 56, D.Petch, D.Thompson, D.Payne) Pockets SC B 0
Brandhall Labour 2 (A.Hooper, P.Caldeira) St Johnís Social 3 (N.Carson, S.Thomas 51, T.Steele 27)
Baggeridge Social A 3 (D.Hall 32, M.Catalano, E.Bastable) Amblecote Inst A 2 (R.Clark, D.Oakes)
Norton Social B 2 (L.Grosvenor 30, A.Brown) Norton Social A 3 (A.Smith, R.Pitt, A.Davies)
West Midlands Police 2 (K.Franklin, G.Sloan) Stourbridge Inst A 3 (C.Crumpton, N.Aston, P.Garbett)

First Division results:
Kingswinford Cons A 4 (T.Male, T.Carter, S.Spittle, J.Cowan) Bahiaís SC A 1 (A.Boswell)
Kinver Const A 0 Kingswinford Cons C 5 (L.Bennett, B.Guise, A.Coley, J.Cartwright, W.Whitmore)
Moor Pool & SC 2 (L.Whitehouse 35 I.Priest) Baggeridge Soc B 3 (N.Fellows M.Collingridge F.Bennett)
Bahiaís SC A 3 (J.Macdivitt, A.Boswell 23, R.Bahia) Wombourne 2 (P.Tristram, J.Perry)
Kingswinford Cons B 1 (M.Reece) S/b Old Edwardians A 4 (C.Cowley 23, 27 D.Woodall, H.Hall, S.Tyler)
Kinver Const C 2 (N.Jennings, S.Hadley) Bearwood Cons 3 (J.Chester, P.Gibson, M.Cash)
Kingswinford Cons C 3 (W.Whitmore B.Guise 24 J.Cartwright) Kingswinford Cons A 2 (T.Male T.Carter)
Kinver Const B 4 (A.Sprague 28, D.Simmonds, L.Cross, S.Nicholls) Kinver Const A 1 (G.Tranter)

Second Division results:
Amblecote Inst C 2(Cary Homer M.Skidmore) Amblecote Inst D 3(A.Kensett 35 R.Brookes, C.Butcher 32)
S/b Old Elizabethan B 4 (J.Ball, Steve and Sam Ball, D.Jones) Stourbridge Inst C 1 (S.Jeffs)
Stourbridge Inst D 3 (W.Gardner, P.Robinson, T.Game) Kingswinford SC 2 (P.Curry, S.Ballinger)
Amblecote RBL 2 (R.Boylin 32, B.Green) Bahiaís SC B 3 (P.Craig, A.Martin, G.Reece)

Premier Division report: Pockets SC A surprised last seasonís champions, Hotshots 3-2; having been given a perfect start by Wayne Dobson and Gary Smith, who beat Neil Beckley & Roy Stokes respectively, Rich Pepperall made sure of victory before Bal Sembi and Dawid Konior, with a fine break of 68, gave Hotshots some consolation.
Townsend Social overwhelmed Pocketsí B team 5-0, with the highlight being a break of 56 by Karl Ashmore: this follows their opening win on the tables of Amblecote Institute A, where they dropped only one frame, so they are the early pacesetters, a point ahead of Pockets A.
Alan Hooper and Paul Caldeira gave Brandhall Labour the first two frames at home to St Johnís Social, but Nick Carson, Simon Thomas, with a 51 break, and Tim Steele, with a timely 27 turned the match around on their team's first visit to the club.
Nick Aston and Chris Crumpton did well to establish a 2-0 lead for Stourbridge Institute A, ďawayĒ, upstairs, against West Midland Policeís Pete Gibbons and Mark Sheehan, but Kev Franklin and Gavin Sloan made it 2-2 before Paul Garbett, who lost only one frame in last yearís title-winning season, took the decider to clinch a first win for his team in the top flight.
Baggeridge Social A, in their first season, beat Amblecote Inst A 3-2 thanks to David Hall, with a 32 break, Maria Catalano & Eliott Bastable, and Norton Social A just got the better of their B team by the same scoreline. Andy Smith and Rob Pitt won the opening frames but Tony Davies was taken to the black to secure the win, with Luke Grosvenor and Andrew Brown replying for the B team.

First Division report: Kingswinford Cons C have made an impressive start to the season: they took all five frames away to Kinver Constitutional A in a rearranged match and followed up with a 3-2 win at home to their own A team, with Bob Guise, John Cartwright & Wayne Whitmore successful in both matches while Thomas Male and Tim Carter won again for the A team.
Baggeridge Social B are the only other team to have won both of their fixtures, their latest 3-2 win being achieved at Moor Pool & Snooker where Neil Fellows and Martin Collingridge gave them a great start. Frankie Bennett made sure of the result before Lee Whitehouse, with a 35 break and Ian Priest hit back for the home team.
Newly-promoted Bahiaís SC A lost 4-1 in their rearranged match away to Kingswinford Cons A but found their stride with a 3-2 result at home to Wombourne, thanks to Jordan Macdivitt, Adam Boswell and Reece Bahia; Paul Tristram & Jon Perry did well to take a frame each for the visitors.
Old Edwardians A lost their opening match at home but responded well by winning 4-1 away to Kingswinford Cons B where Simon Tyler made a successful debut for the team after Dave Woodall, Chris Cowley and Harry Hall had made the match safe.
Kinverís C team went 2-0 ahead at home to Bearwood Cons thanks to Norman Jennings and Steve Hadley but the visitors fought back with Paul Gibson, John Chester and Mick Cash completing a full recovery.
Kinverís B team lost the first frame to their A teamís Graham Tranter but Adam Sprague, Dave Simmonds, Les Cross and Steve Nicholls all won quite decisively to turn the match around.

Second Division report: Amblecote Institute D had a flying start in their local derby against their C team. Adam Kensett, with a break of 35 and Rich Brookes, with an emphatic win put them 2-0 ahead, then Carl Butcher, who had a break of 32, quickly put the outcome beyond doubt. To the C teamís credit, however Cary Homer and Mitch Skidmore earned some consolation.
Old Edwardiansí B team enjoyed their first win, with Steve Ball, his sons, Sam and Jack, and Dan Jones proving just too strong for Stourbridge Institute C, although Steve Jeffs, in a welcome return to league action, averted a whitewash.
The Instituteís D team had better fortune, however. This, the least experienced team in the division, combined to defeat Kingswinford SC 3-2. Will Gardner and Paul Robinson gave them the upper hand and Tom Game clinched the match, despite Paul Curry and Steve Ballinger securing a frame each.
Bahia's SC B, having begun the season with a win, carried on the good work with a 3-2 victory at Amblecote RBL. Paul Craig, Andy Martin and Glen Reece won for them with Billy Green and Rob Boylin, who had a break of 32, taking a frame each for the Legion.

Premier Division Results:
St Johnís Social 4 (T.Steele, C.Walker, S.Thomas 25, 24, B.Jones) Norton Social B 1 (P.Bowen)
Pockets SC B 4 (A.Turner 27, G.Evans, J.Shuck 26, A.Kidd) West Mids Police 1 (K.Franklin 29)
Hotshots SC 4 (C.Downing, R.Stokes, N.Beckley, B.Sembi) Brandhall Labour 1 (A.Hooper)
Stourbridge Inst A 0 Pockets SC A 5 (L.Page 37, G.Smith 35, R.Pepperall, T.Pepperall, J.Betton)
Norton Social A 3 (A.Smith 42, S.Mason, G.Tomkins) Baggeridge Soc A 2 (J.Hickman, E.Bastable 73)
Amblecote Inst A v Townsend Social postponed
First Division results:
S/b Old Edwardian A 2 (G.Dunn, H.Hall 24) Kinver Const C 3 (A.Sloan, C.Randle, A.Tromans)
Baggeridge Soc B 3 (D.Whale, L.Whale 23, F.Bennett) Amblecote Inst B 2 (M.Cook 30, 24, A.Moore)
Bearwood Cons 2 (J.Chester, M.Cash) Moor Pool & Snooker 3 (S.Dingley, L.Whitehouse, I.Priest)
Wombourne 1 (J.Perry 24) Kingswinford Cons B 4 (F.Dent, G.Reece, M.Reece, M.Wilson)
Kinver Const A v Kingswinford Cons C & Kingswinford Cons A v Bahiaís SC A postponed
Kinver Const B bye
Second Division results:
Bahiaís SC B 3 (Ranjit Bahia, J.Bahia, G.Reece) Stourbridge Inst D 2 (T.Game, B.Harris)
Amblecote Inst C 3 (Colin Homer, Carey Homer, R.Vanes) S/b Old Edwardian B 2 (Steve Ball, D.Jones)
Kingswinford SC 2 (M.Surmacz, S.Ballinger) Amblecote Inst D 3 (A.Kensett 24, C.Butcher, M.Robson)
Stourbridge Inst C 1 (A.Jeffries) Amblecote RBL 4 (J.Green, M.Mantom, P.Botfield, B.Green)

Premier Division report: Bidding to retain the Premier Division championship won with the final frame of last season, Hotshots SC had a good start with a 4-1 win at home to Brandhall Labour. Callum Downing, Roy Stokes & Neil Beckley won decisively but Bal Sembi was taken to the black by Richard Crowley; Alan Hooper beat Dave Green to secure a consolation point for the visitors.
The best finish of the week came at Norton Social, whose A team went 2-0 ahead through Andy Smith (42 break) and Steve Mason, but they were pulled back to 2-2 by Baggeridge Social A, thanks to Jason Hickman and Eliott Bastable, who had a fine break of 73. In the tightest of deciding frames, Graham Tomkins took a respotted black against David Hall, making a welcome return to the league after a 15 year absence, to clinch the win for Norton.
The two promoted teams lost heavily: Stourbridge Institute A, whose superb 16 match winning run swept them to the First Division title, lost all five frames at home to Pockets SC A. Lee Page, Gary Smith, who did well to beat Ashley Aston, Rich and Tom Pepperall and John Betton found the Instituteís tables to their liking. Meanwhile, Norton Social B, who were First Division runners up, lost the first four frames at St Johnís Social before Paul Bowen earned a consolation point. Earlier, Tim Steele, Carl Walker, Simon Thomas and Beamer Jones had established an unassailable lead.
West Midlands Police, champions in 2016 and 2017, last seasonís runners up, fielded a weakened team at Pockets SC and only Kev Franklin could win as the home team, given a good start by Alan Turner and Gavin Evans, made sure of the win through Jamie Shuck, before Tony Kidd took advantage of a run of bad luck for Gavin Sloan.

First Division report: Moor Pool & Snooker, last seasonís 3rd placed team had a fine start with a 3-2 victory away to Bearwood Cons, making a welcome return to the league. Simon Dingley, on the black against Paul Gibson, Lee Whitehouse and Ian Priest took the honours, with John Chester and Mick Cash replying for the hosts.
Dave Whale, his son, Luke, and Frankie Bennett combined to give Baggeridge Social B a good start at home to Amblecote Inst B for whom Mick Cook, in particularly good form, and Alan Moore replied.
Jon Perry gave Wombourne the opening frame at home to Kingswinford Cons B, but Fred Dent, Gregg Reece, Mark Reece and Martin Wilson, on the black, fought back to take the match 4-1 for the Cons, while Stourbridge Old Edwardians, courtesy of Harry Hall & Gavin Dunn, went 2-0 up at home to newly-promoted Kinver Constitutional C but Andy Sloan, Chris Randle and Arnie Tromans, a black ball winner against Dave Woodall, turned the match around.

Second Division report: Bahiaís SC B, making their first appearance in the league, were able to celebrate a win at home to Stourbridge Institute D, another new team, also with very little league experience: Ranjit and Janice Singh and Glen Reece won for the hosts, with Tom Game and Brett Harris earning a point apiece for the Institute.
The Instituteís C team had only Alan Jeffriesí success to cheer as the visiting Amblecote RBL team enjoyed a good 4-1 win. Mark Mantom, Jamie & Billy Green and Paul Botfield ensured that the Legion had the best possible start to the season.
The two Amblecote Institute teams began with hard-earned, competitive victories: Adam Kensett, Carl Butcher, a volleyball international making a welcome return to the area, and a last-gasp Mark Robson win helped the D team to a 3-2 win at Kingswinford SC, before Matt Surmacz and Steve Ballinger fought back, while the C team beat Stourbridge Old Edwardians B, a new team with some experienced players, 3-2. Colin Homer, Cary Homer and Ray Vanes all did well to win for the Institute, with Steve Ball and Dan Jones, making his league debut, gaining some consolation for the visiting Old Eds.

LATEST NEWS: We're really pleased to report that Norton Social A will be able to fulfil their fixtures. The website shows fixtures for the first few weeks of the season which begins Wed 12th September. A new feature is that the handicap mark of virtually every player will be shown, for information only, of course, as all league matches are played off scratch. The handicap mark will be useful if and when changes are made to your 5 a side knock-out team.

2018-2019 SEASON

The first few weeks fixtures will be appearing on the League's website very shortly.

There are again 3 divisions: 12 teams in the Premier Division, producing 22 matches per team, although it must be noted that Norton Social A, who are trying to recruit one extra, regular player, might have to withdraw. The league programme is scheduled to end 20th March 2019. Hotshots SC B dropped out of this new season but Brandhall Labour Club return and Baggeridge Social have introduced a new team to the league. Stourbridge Institute A and Norton Social B were promoted whilst Kinver Const A and the original Baggeridge Social team were relegated.
There are 13 teams in the First Division, so, unfortunately there will be a bye in each half of the season. Each team will have 24 matches, and the league campaign will run until 17th April 2019. Bahia's Snooker Club and Kinver Const C were promoted, and Bearwood Conservative Club have re-joined.
There are 8 teams competing in the Second Division and will play each other 3 times, producing a 21 match season, which is due to end in March 2019 before the start of the division's knock out competition. Unfortunately Stourbridge Institute B had to withdraw through lack of players, but Bahia's and the Old Edwardian Club have entered a second team. The former Amblecote RBL B team withdrew but some of their players have transferred to the Old Edwardian Club.

The League welcomes these new and returning teams and extends it's thanks to the teams which have withdrawn for their past, loyal membership.

Kev Franklin and Tony Kidd