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1. The League shall be called "The Darley Dale and District Billiards and Snooker League" and consist of A, B and C Divisions if required billiards and snooker - the Executive Committee having the power to deal with league formation including relegation and promotion of any team or player. The top two clubs are promoted to the next highest Division, and the bottom two clubs are relegated, except as required by the executive to keep the balance of divisions. The question of handicaps is subject to the direction of the Executive Committee.
2. The League shall be comprised of Clubs, Institutes, Reading Rooms etc (herein after called Clubs). Ordinarily no club having its headquarters at a hotel or public house shall be accepted (except as Rule 7 provides).
3. All clubs competing in the League competition shall abide by the following rules and regulations.
4. Each club participating in the League shall have a representative on the Executive Committee. A Deputy may attend with voting powers. The Committee is also to contain six representatives elected at the AGM irrespective of their clubs. Each club is expected to be represented at every meeting called by the General Secretary.
5. Meetings shall be called by the General Secretary as the necessity arises.
6. All disputes and differences respecting league matters shall be notified to the General Secretary in writing.
7. The admission or non admission of any club as a member of the League shall be decided by the Executive Committee.
8. All teams entering the Billiards and Snooker Divisions shall pay to the General Secretary an annual subscription as determined by the Executive Committee. This subscription shall be toward league expenses and entry to the League and a number of designated competitions where relevant. Clubs shall enclose with this subscription an official sheet providing the names of players (being bona fide members of the club) who are eligible to take part in the competition. After the first match any club has played further registration of players will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee. These additional registrations must be accompanied by the appropriate fee.
9. The levy for each player per match shall be determined by the Executive Committee. The Secretary will invoice each club prior to the commencement of the season with levies for each team for the whole of the season. Levies to be paid before the start of the season where possible. Alternatively in 2 instalments on dates agreed by the committee. 2pts will be deducted for every week passed during the season that a team is in arrears. After 1 month any team still not up to date may be liable to expulsion (at the discretion of the Committee). Cheques must be made payable to Darley Dale & District Billiards & Snooker League.
10. The result for each match shall be forwarded to the Match Secretary not later than 7 days after the end of the week when the match should have been played. Failure to comply with this requirement shall result in billiards home teams losing 1 league point and snooker home teams losing 3 points. If for any reason a match cannot be played, this must be communicated to the Match Secretary and a new date will be scheduled and communicated to the teams involved.
11. Each team shall normally play one league match only during one week (except when otherwise authorised by the Executive Committee). In accordance with the fixture list sent to each club by the General Secretary, outstanding league matches must be completed within 14 days of the end of circulated fixture lists (or will be awarded against the team unable to play on the designated dates within that period).
12. The match shall be played on the night specified by the home team on the official entry form. This night will be shown on the fixture list circulated by the Match Secretary.
(Unofficially if a team requests a change of day on an isolated occasion I'd suggest both parties try to come to a mutual agreement, give at least 7 days notice though and don't abuse the system).
13. Each match should commence at 7.30pm (snooker) unless mutually agreed between the two teams.
14. In the event of players arriving late the maximum interval permitted between each frame shall be 15 minutes. If no player arrives within this time then the frame is deemed to be forfeited.
15. Snooker & Billiards - in the event of a tie for the Championship or runners up place, the teams will be separated by a) most wins b) head to head aggregate over the league meetings c) a play off match.
16. All League games shall be played under and governed by the latest rules of Billiards and Snooker as authorised by the W.P.B.S.A. All snooker games shall be played with Super Crystallite / Aramith balls only.
17. The President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Executive Committee, Secretary and Match Secretary shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Voting powers at Annual or Special Meeting shall be limited to two per club.
18. Four to six players shall comprise a team in all Divisions.
19. All Divisions - five frames per match, four singles (one per player) and one doubles. Each frame shall be played to a decision. In the event of a tie on completion of a frame the black must be respotted for the two players to decide the match. All frames must normally be played the same night.
20. One point shall be awarded for each frame won.
21. In the event of a player being unable to play their frame by the absence of their opponent, the player will be recorded as a 60 points to nil winner.
22. A member of the home and visiting teams shall sign the scoresheet certifying its correctness, before it is sent or the result communicated to the Match Secretary (all sheets must be retained/forwarded later as required for verification where hard copy is not initially used). All scoresheets must be completed in ink. Alterations must be initialled by a member of the opposing team. No scoresheet may be altered or amended after it has reached the Match Secretary.
23. A lower division player may play five times in a higher division in one season, but the sixth time they play in the higher division, they become a registered player in that division and cannot return to the lower division. Where cases of hardship arise, the Executive Committee have power to grant permission for any player to play in any division. In the same division, a player may play for another of his own club's teams up to 5 times a season but must give up an additional 5pts handicap. Also any player may play a second frame up to 5 times per season where a team are short, though must give up an additional 15pts handicap (league and cup with no restrictions).
24. No player may take more than one prize in the highest break but is allowed to receive as many other prizes as they win.

25. Two players shall comprise a team in all divisions.
26. Players handicaps shall be decided by the Executive Committee.
27. The length of games shall be determined by the Executive Committee.
28. In the event of a player not being able to play his game owing to the absence of his opponent, the maximum points will be awarded the player and the team/
29. Players may with the league’s permission help out teams short of players through illness or unavailability.
30. As Rule 24.
31. Any team wishing to cancel a match must give their opponents at least 24hrs notice before the date the match is due to be played (other than for the late onset of extreme weather conditions). They must also inform the Match Secretary of this so a date can be re-scheduled. Failure to turn up for a match without giving prior notice will result in the offending team forfeiting the game and being deducted 2 further points. Any team guilty of a second such offence will be liable to expulsion (at the discretion of the Committee).
(Unofficially, if there is a genuine misunderstanding and the offending team is normally of good repute, the wronged team is obviously at liberty to offer a re match if they think the circumstances dictate, in which case just the 2pts deduction would apply).
For semi finals and finals on neutral tables, 7 days notice is requested or else you may be liable to play such match as the away team due to scheduling issues.

32. Each club shall be represented at every meeting called by the General Secretary. Apologies should always be sent beforehand in cases of absence.

These rules may not be changed, only at the AGM. Notice of a request for rule change must be made in writing to the Secretary at least two weeks prior to meeting. The proposers of these changes to be in attendance at the said meetings.



JAEGER TROPHY (End of season play off between top 4 teams in each Division of League)
Played off at end of season, 1st v 4th and 2nd v 3rd in each division highest ranking team having home advantage, winners play each other, again with highest ranking team at home unless one of the teams has not already had a home fixture in the event, in which case home advantage would be theirs. Grand Final between Divisional winners on a neutral table.
Handicap basis with normal League format (best of 5).

CAPTAINS CUP (Team handicap) 4-6 players, 4 singles (one per player) and 1 normal doubles, overall aggregate to decide the match.

JIMMY HARPER CUP (Team plate handicap) As above but for early round losers in Captains Cup only (exact qualification criteria to be decided by number of teams involved.

BOB McCARTIN CUP (Six Red Team handicap) - 4-6 players, Best of 7 frames, 4 singles and 3 scotch (alternate shot) doubles. Half of the normal players individual handicap rounded up to apply.
No player to play more than 3 frames in the match (one singles and two doubles). Same pairing not to be used twice in doubles.
May be played on a small group basis initially (to eliminate early blank weeks in season) - depending on formation of league.

OMYA CUP (Open individual scratch, Bonus Competition) - Best of 5 frames, open draw, straight knockout until final (best of 7).

OPTIONAL COMPETITIONS (via additional Entry Form as per usual):

OPEN HANDICAP (Open individual handicap) Best of 5 frames until final (best of 7).
B INDIVIDUAL HANDICAP This is now likely to be a bonus competition for those players rated -10 or -5 or under (dependent on numbers) who enter the regular handicap event (or held as a "plate" competition if there are not enough such entries). Best of 5 frames throughout.
DENIS MORTON TROPHY Pairs handicap) Best of 5 frames until final (best of 7).
HARTSHORNE CUP This is now likely to be used for the League Championship Trophy.
SHOOTOUT NIGHT This night will not be governed by the rules of the regular knockout events, and will be open to all players who have registered with the League at any stage in the past with no restrictions. To be held on a stand-alone week on the most popular night at a multi table venue (preferably 4 tables, minimum requirement of 3) as agreed by the committee. Entries taken by payment of £5 each (to be confirmed) on the night. The idea to be a fun evening of quickfire novelty events where any standard of player has a genuine case to win (limited handicaps to apply).
FLYING SNOOKER INDIVIDUAL HANDICAP (6 reds, 1 frame individual shootout half of normal players individual handicap rounded up to apply)
FLYING SNOOKER PAIRS HANDICAP (6 reds, 1 frame scotch doubles pairs shootout half of normal players individual handicap rounded up to apply) Open draw for partners so any player from any club can be partnered with one another, designed to increase camaraderie.
SPEED SNOOKER INDIVIDUAL HANDICAP (Straight head to head knockouts, fastest player to legally clear the colours wins through to the next round, played out on adjacent tables if possible with each player starting simultaneously.) Highest handicapped players also have 2 extra reds to negotiable (on baulk line) and intermediate players 1 extra red. Foul shot to incur penalty of 1 extra ball to be potted – this may be taken in any order (re-spotted by the referee on or nearest to highest available).
C1. All regular competition entrants must be bona fide registered (and available) players with a team at the captains request and have played six league matches from the start of the previous season (or 75% of matches in the current season at closing date) to be eligible for singles/doubles events. Novice and intermediate players not meeting this criteria (for these purposes classed as those on -10 or below at closing date) may be accepted at the committee’s discretion.
C2. The optional competitions not covered by the registration fee may be entered by payment of an entrance fee set by the Executive Committee.
C3. All entries must be made on the official forms provided for the purpose, and no entry will be accepted unless accompanied by the entrance fee. No entry will be accepted after the closing date as specified on the entrance form.
C4. The competitions shall be on the knockout principle (occasionally on a small group basis for initial stages), and no money will be refunded to the teams or players who wish to withdraw.
Captains Cup - 2 Players aggregate to count.
Williams Cup - Individual Scratch.
Ben Kenworthy Cup - Pairs Handicap.
The Executive have the right to determine the length of all matches in all rounds and also to determine the aggregates of all players competing.
C6. See snooker competition descriptions above.
C7. Any player barred from an affiliated club will be ineligible to play in regular singles or doubles competitions but may take part in team events as long as a reserve comes in for any matches at such a venue.
C8. The first named player in each case will be "at home" but special cases in the Individual Championships only will be reviewed by the Executive Committee when a decision to play the tie on a convenient neutral table may be made.
C9. All finals will normally be played on neutral tables* (* except as ordered by the Executive Committee or as mutually agreed) - the venue to be arranged by the Executive Committee except when opponents are from the same club when matches will usually be played there. Matches may only take place within the accepted borders of the Darley Dale & District League.
C10. The General or Match Secretary will notify all clubs after the draw has been made for each round.
C11. All final matches the marker will be appointed by the Executive Committee, or club at which the match is played.
C12. Any disputes must be forwarded at once by the market to the General Secretary, who will bring the same before the Executive Committee.
C13. The winning team or player must return the match result to the General or Match Secretary, preferably signed by both parties.
C14. Competitors may enter the competitions relating to the Division in which they are registered as match players or a higher division.
C15. Snooker players entering billiards competitions or vice versa are at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
C16. The Executive Committee will determine any handicaps – in pairs, the handicap is reached by adding up the two players individual handicap and dividing by two, then rounding up. (Handicaps are always rounded up in these circumstances). Handicaps re-assessed at half way and close season, if certain success rates (or otherwise) are achieved they may be liable to alter. New players generally assessed after four to five games or as soon as a conclusion can be reached if unknown to the committee. Players reaching semi finals or further in cup competitions who have had their handicap reduced in the same season may be liable to return to their original mark (at the discretion of the handicapping committee).
C17. For all Cup competitions, the Match Secretary will set a date and if either party cannot play on that day they must contact their opponent beforehand to re-arrange the match before the end of the following week. Failure to do so will result in the offending player being expelled from the competition and his opponent going through to the next round, but he must still contact the Match Secretary to communicate the situation. (Where a date cannot be fixed, a further 7 days can be applied for by either player to the Match Secretary to play the game).
C18. No tie shall be arranged after the end of the period described in C17. except in exceptional circumstances and only with the prior permission of the Match Secretary.
C19. The rules C1. to C18. are special rules to govern the championship competitions, and the Executive Committee reserve the right to disqualify any team or player.
Rules amended July 2013.