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1. That these Leagues be called The Plymouth Social Clubs' Snooker Leagues."
2. Membership shall be open to bona-fide licensed clubs, whether members or proprietary, with snooker facilities which have been duly approved by the League Committee.
3. The teams shall consist of 5 players.
4. Any person, male or female, who has reached the age of 14 years, shall be eligible to play provided he/she is a bona-fide member, an affiliated member or an employee of his/her Club. See Rule 5 below.
5. All players to be registered by their Club for a specific team before they become eligible to play in the League and provided they are registered at least 48 hours before the start of the match. No player shall be registered to play before his/her fourteenth birthday. The first registration of any player under 20 years of age must include the player's date of birth. Registration with the League is not a guarantee of eligibility to enter or play in a club. Ladies and young players shall not be permitted to play in a club where to do so would contravene the rules of that club. The Committee will take a very serious view of any contravention of this part of the rule.
6. No player shall be eligible to take part in the League who is a professional, i.e. a member of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association.
7. All games to be played in accordance with current WPBSA Rules.
8. For each game the away team shall notify the home team at least 48 hours before the start of the match, either by postcard or by telephone, the team position of the player who starts the first game. The team list shall be handed to the home team captain before the match commences. Failure to notify will result in the away team losing right to nominate first player. All matches to start at 7.00 p.m. Games can be claimed for non-appearance ten minutes after 7.00 p.m. and thereafter at ten minute intervals. After the first game, or for all games when the home team have preference or order in which the matches are to be played, but only from the visitors team who are present.
9. The results of matches shall be forwarded to the Registration Secretary, signed by both Captains, immediately after the match, to reach him by first post on Saturday. Failure to observe this Rule will incur a fine of £3 for each offence and, in the event of a card not being received at all, the fine will be increased to £5. Falsification of results cards will incur a fine of £10 per team involved and forfeiture of all points in that match, together with disciplinary action at the discretion of the Committee for the individual involved.
10. A fine of £2 per player to be paid by the Club for each player that fails to make an appearance and, in addition, any team failing to fulfil a fixture shall, unless good cause be shown, be fined an additional 50p per player.
11. Clubs who have teams in more than one division may promote players from teams in lower divisions to play for teams in higher divisions, but, when a promoted players has played 3 games in any one season for higher division teams, they will no longer be eligible to play for the team they were originally registered to. Nor may players be interchanged between teams in the same division.
12. No player may play in a lower division than that in which he was last registered unless caused by relegation, without consent of the Committee. Any application under this Rule must be made in writing and the Committee shall have power to impose such conditions as they see fit.
13. Should a player be deemed ineligible by the League Management all points gained by such player shall be immediately deducted from the League Table and awarded to the opposing Clubs from which the points were gained and, in addition, a fine of £5 shall be imposed for each offence.
14. A player can transfer from one Club to another during the season after a written application, with their reason, has been sent to the League Committee and they have authorised the transfer. No transfer will be permitted, except by promotion within a Club, after 31st December. Furthermore, no further registrations will be permitted after 31st December except at the discretion of the Committee. However, any individual player will only be permitted one transfer in any one season.
15. Fixtures may only be postponed by mutual agreement between the Captains of the teams concerned and the Results Secretary must be informed forthwith. Failing mutual agreement, advice must be sought from the Registration Secretary whose decision shall be final. Failure to inform the Registration Secretary of a postponed match will incur a fine of £5 upon the team responsible for the postponement.
16. A new date for any postponed match must be fixed and the match played within six weeks of the original date or by the end of the season, whichever is earlier. Failure to observe this rule will result in the match being awarded to the team that was not responsible for the postponement It will be the responsibility of the home team to arrange for the match to be played within the stipulated period. Any problems should be referred immediately to the results secretary.
17. A Club which withdraws a team from the League after the second Annual General Meeting will not be permitted to re-enter a new team at the following Annual General Meeting and the players who were registered for such a team may be denied registration with any other team for the same period, subject to the discretion of the Committee. All results involving a team that withdraws from the League will be treated as void.
18. In the event of a tie for promotion or relegation positions, the teams concerned are to play off on a neutral table, Memorial Cue Rule 7 to apply. In the event of a play-off with more than two teams involved, the arrangements for the play off will be at the discretion of the Registration Secretary.
19. Any claims other than under Rule 6, must be accompanied by a deposit of £1 which will be returnable if the claim is upheld.
20. Two Annual Meetings of Club representatives shall take place each year, one at the completion of the season to accept new rules, etc., and one shortly after to accept entries and form the Leagues, etc. Only one vote is allowed each Club when voting. The place of meeting to be decided by the Management Committee.
21. All Clubs not represented at any Annual General Meeting will be fined £10 unless a reasonable excuse for non-attendance is accepted by the Committee. Furthermore, any Club not represented at the Second Annual General Meeting may, if more teams make application to join than there are vacancies for, lose one or more of their teams to make way for the new teams if they are elected.
22. Officers and Committee are to be elected at the first Annual Meeting, nominations to be received at least 7 days prior to the meeting. The Officers shall consist of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer and Registration and Competition Secretaries. The Committee shall total 11 Members including Officers. The Committee may use their discretion to fill any vacancies that may arise.
23. New teams seeking election shall give notice 28 days before the Second Annual General Meeting and, if elected, will be entered into the lowest Division of the League, subject to the discretion of the Committee.
24. The annual subscription shall be fixed at the first Annual General Meeting. In addition each team shall pay a deposit of £1 after the
acceptance of League entries at the Second Annual General Meeting and in the event of a Club withdrawing from the League or not completing its fixtures shall forfeit the said deposit and entrance fees. Deposits will be returned to all Clubs fulfilling their fixtures. Any fees and/or fines stipulated in these rules shall be liable to revision at the discretion of the first Annual General Meeting. Subscriptions and deposits are to be paid at the Second Annual Meeting. Clubs are responsible for payments of all fees and fines.
25. For any alteration to these Rules, the Secretary is to receive a notice of motion, duly proposed and seconded, 28 days prior to the first Annual General Meeting. Amendments are to be received 14 days prior to the first Annual General Meeting.
26. Annual Presentations will be held at the Committee's discretion thus allowing wives and friends to attend.
27. If, at any time, the Association shall be dissolved or wound up, the funds remaining, after all liabilities have been discharged may be divided amongst the members, or applied to some charity, as approved.
28. Any eventuality not hereby covered in this Handbook is left to the discretion of the League Committee

1. No player may change a partner or Club once the preliminary round draw has been promulgated.
2. The home player/team representative shall, within 6 days of publication of draws, give his/her opponent(s) a
choice of 3 dates (excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays) on which the match can be played.
3. Telephone may be used to give dates but the conversation to be only between the players concerned. No
intermediaries shall be used.
4. Failure to comply with either 2 or 3 above may mean the elimination of the Home player/players.
5. The winner/winners shall be responsible for immediately notifying the result to the Competition Secretary and,
in the event of no result being received the away player/players shall be allowed through to the next round.
6. Dates of entries for all Tournaments to be left to the discretion of the League Committee.
7. Venues for all finals to be arranged by the committee.
8. Snooker Tournament Rounds to be the best of 3 frames and Semi-finals and Finals to be the best of 5 frames
except for the individual championship which shall be best of 7 frames, and the Over 60's Snooker Handicap
which shall be the best of 3 frames for the Semi-final and Final.
9. The Entry Fees for the various competitions shall be fixed by the Committee. Except for youth tournaments, any
player who is not currently registered with a team in either the Billiards or the Snooker League will be accepted at
the discretion of the Committee and, if accepted will pay the normal Registration Fee in addition to the Competition
Entry Fee.
10. Any prize-winners in sponsored competitions who are not present at the Annual Presentation to receive their
prizes shall be liable to forfeit their prizes at the discretion of the Committee.
11. Attention is drawn to that part of general rule 5 which applies to the ladies and younger players.

Each game to be one frame in each division and each win to count one point.
2. The Clubs with the highest number of points in each division will receive the appropriate Trophy which will be
held for 12 months. A sum of money will be allocated by the Committee for prizes for the winners, runners-up and
for the highest break in each division.
3. The three lowest teams in all divisions, except the lowest division, will be relegated and the three highest teams
in all divisions except the premier division will be promoted. Any adjustment necessary to balance the numbers of
adjacent divisions to be made at the discretion of the committee. Any team(s) failing to fulfil their fixtures or
withdrawing from the League during the season will be deemed to have finished in bottom place(s) in that division.
4. All matches to be played on Thursdays unless otherwise stated.

The Individual Snooker Shield will be known as the "Thurston Shield," the Foursomes Trophy as the "Leest Trophy,"
and the Over 60's Snooker Handicap Trophy as the "T. H. Voisin Trophy."
1. They can never be won outright.
2. In the event of a League ceasing or suspending they are to be
returned to their donors.
3. That they be insured against loss from fire and theft.
4. That the Trophy winners' names be sent to donors.
5. That the donors be advised annually of date of presentation and that two copies each of fixtures to be sent to
6. That the Trophies be held by the Club and not by the Individuals for 12 months giving the Committee guarantee
for its safe custody and its return to the Secretary at least one calendar month before the next presentation.
Trophies to be returned in a clean condition, failing which a levy of £5 may be imposed to cover the cost of cleaning.
7. There will be prizes for winners and runners-up

1. To be contested for on a Handicap basis to be decided by the
Management Committee.
2. Open to any team registered for any division in the League.
3. A player may play only for the team with which he is registered.
4. Players transferred or promoted to teams in higher divisions cannot play in Memorial Cue matches if the
transfer (or promotion) occurs after the draw for the preliminary round has taken place.
5. A sum of money will be allocated by the Committee for prizes to the winners and runners-up.
6. The preliminary rounds and Semi-Finals to be played as for a League match.
7. The Final will be played on a neutral table and players to be at the appointed venue at 7.00 p.m. sharp. Team
captains are to give the appointed official a list of players in order of merit, including a reserve if one is available.
Order of play will then be decided by draw to determine the pairings and must be played as drawn. A player not
available when called to play will forfeit the game, except the reserve, if named and available, may be used in his
8. For all rounds before the final, result cards, signed by both captains, shall be forwarded to the Competition
Secretary by the winning team within 7 days of the completion of the match.
Failure to observe this rule will incur a fine of £5.